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You and your friend will receive a 366 Free Bets Voucher when you refer a friend to Six6s right away! the best Referral Bonus available in the market Don’t pass up this opportunity! Join Six6s Family and build your own team with Six6s and earn real money with the Six6s referral program

How to get this 366 Voucher

  1. Open an account with Six6s and make log in.
  2. share your unique “Referral Code” or “Referral Link.” with your friends from “referral” option in my account section.
  3. Make sure to verify your email address, phone number, and birthdate before shareing the code for bonus.
  4. As soon as the Referee meets all the requirements, you will receive a voucher for 366 INR in free bets.
  5. The total number of referees that a referrer may refer to is unrestricted.

Referee need to do this things

On the registration screen, enter the “Referral Code” or click the “Referral Link.”

Verify the email address, phone number, and birthdate.

Make an initial deposit totaling no less than 1,000 INR.

Once all prerequisites are met, the referee will receive a voucher for 366 INR in free bets.

Refrral bonus way

Terms & Conditions:

This promotion is open to all members.

Promotion starts from 00:00 (GMT+5.5) on 7th April 2023.

Free bets voucher can be used on any Premium market under the Cricket category with odds of 1.5 and above.

If you receive the free bets voucher before 19:30 (GMT+5.5) of the day, the voucher will expire at 00:00 (GMT+5.5) the next day.

If you receive the free bets voucher after 19:30 (GMT+5.5) of the day, the voucher will expire at 00:00 (GMT+5.5) the day after tomorrow.

Free bets voucher is not subject to wagering requirements. If you win the bet, you will only receive your winnings and the free bets amount will be deducted.

The winnings will be credited into your main wallet.

Referees must complete all requirements within 7 days after registering.

Referees will not be able to key in the ‘Referral Code’ or register with the ‘Referral Link’ after the registration has been completed.

The ‘Referral Code’ or ‘Referral Link’ is only valid for the same currency.

All accounts are required to have at least one deposit record prior to making the first withdrawal.

Member accounts are closed, suspended and/or suspected for fraudulent or suspicious activities cannot share the Referral Code and are not eligible to receive the Referral Reward.

This promotion cannot be used with any other promotions on the website.

Six6s’s General Terms and Conditions apply.

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