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Spaceman, a brand-new crash game by Pragmatic, is now available in Six6s Sixes too! Since it is the first crash game produced by Pragmatic Play, this highly anticipated crash game has been a hot topic of conversation among crash & mini-game enthusiasts for quite some time. Spaceman, which was released on March 24th, 2022, has a lot to offer and looks quite intriguing.

You may now freely enjoy this brand-new, unique crash game with an extremely high RTP of 96.5% and many amazing features thanks to the brilliant Pragmatic Play. The buzz around Spaceman is entirely deserved because it allows players to experience an exhilarating and adrenaline-filled flight where longer distances result in higher multipliers. Spaceman definitely distinguishes itself from other crash games and shows that it is out of this world with its staggering 5000x multiplier, 50% Cashout feature, and possibility to win up to 500,000$.

The primary character of the game is a quirky and humorous Spaceman, as you can probably infer from the title. He transports you back to your childhood fantasies by bringing you all the enchantment connected to space and a vibrant galaxy. To win higher prizes, the game’s goal is to assist Spaceman in flying as high as he can. The first thing you see when you begin the game is an adorable Spaceman waving at you. Planets, stars, and falling asteroids surround Spaceman in this crash game, adding to its realism and aesthetic appeal. The superb sound mixing and fascinating visual effects perfectly complement the game’s plot, resulting in a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing gameplay environment.

What is the spaceman’s flight range? When SpacemanTM is released, everyone will be asking themselves this question! This slot machine is distinct from any other Pragmatic Play creation and features the well-known crash mechanic. Players will be forced to make quick judgements in order to prevent the spaceman from crashing as he soars, enhancing the game’s overall win potential. The slot also lets players to cash out at any moment and has a special cashout 50% option. Brave explorers who can maintain their composure can win the big 5,000x maximum win on the machine. With quick results, a lively social scene, and a thorough record of bets, SpacemanTM will fearlessly venture where no slot machine has gone before.

People who appreciate engaging gameplay with both traditional and novel aspects will enjoy Spaceman. Though Spaceman is a brand-new game, it has already established a solid reputation for its incredible features and potential for intense engagement. It is a real-time, decision-making crash game.

All operators like Six6s, Baji or jeetbuzz who provide the live casino games from Pragmatic Play on mobile and desktop platforms can now play Spaceman also.

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